Talking sex is not a crime, not talking about it is a serious offence: Pratul JB Rana

Right after his grand win as College Ambassador 2010, Pratul JB Rana has raised eyebrows not only with his distinctive style, but also because of his profound views that arrows reality. As Pratul speaks about Politics, homosexuality, constitution making and other issues that directly and indirectly affect the young population in Nepal, it's hard to deny that this 19 years old guy not only has an IQ that reflects brilliance, but also possesses sheer maturity that many youngsters lack. Listening to his candid and precise thoughts on various subjects makes us wonder if the new generation has found its new vocal cords- as when you hear this guy speak you will even start believing in UFO's (Smiles).
Over to Pratul...      
Mr. cool heels ….
I go through the same trivia in life that normal youths go through, but the need of the hour is to master balance. 'Balance' is not a karma stunt – but it's about knowing what's right and wrong; I am a rebel deep inside but I also value people's opinion and I am open to suggestions because a verbal blah blah does not help, if you want to succeed be an active listener- Listen to your friends, your family and your peers. So, even though I am 19, I understand that life is not about being impressed by small things, but it is about evaluating how small things in life can fetch us great success. So, if I have to define myself in three words it would be - Cool, suave and focused.
College Ambassador 2010 ….
When I told my friends that I wanted to participate in College Ambassador contest- I had to face many stiff reviews, but deep down I had this feeling to enroll in the competition that would indeed help me achieve a sense of direction of what I really wanted to achieve in my life. Therefore, regardless what people thought about the competition, I decided to participate in it.
I was confident about myself and I knew I had what it took to win but when I interacted with the other participants, I literally suffered a nervous breakdown, as I realized that the other participants were equally competent and well versed like me. Therefore, the college Ambassador journey not only helped me polish my skills, but it also taught me that 'regardless how confident you might be, acknowledging that there are other people as confident and competent as you are will help us focus more on what we really want to achieve'. Winning the title of College Ambassador was secondary to the value of dignity and the importance of being humble that I had understood and experienced during the pageant.
AIDS free generation ….
I personally feel passionate towards the issue of HIV/AIDS, as I believe that young people are more vulnerable towards it and if we can talk openly about issues like- Safe sex, drugs addiction in schools, colleges and even our families, then we can indeed bring HIV infection to 'ZERO'. This would also help mitigate the stigma and discrimination attached to it.
My question is - Why do we have to feel uncomfortable talking about sex? It's natural and if you are the right age, then you have the right to talk about it! Talking sex is not a crime, not talking about it is a serious offence. So, let's freely talk about sex and herald an environment where discussions and opinions are not carpeted in illogical social norms and thoughts.
Are we becoming traditional news print editors?? …..
Young people sometime act like traditional news print editors where we tend to censor so many subjects that need to be talked about. For example: Homosexuality, I have seen so many people who scream red alert when this topic surfaces during casual conversation, but if we go on censoring thoughts, then our dream of a society based on- acceptance and equality will never materialize. So, let's not confine ourselves to a set rule and not limit our knowledg. I believe that young people are gifted with a fresh mindset, which if properly used will help bring change. But unfortunately, we are so occupied with mere things that sometimes we tend to forget that we too have an opinion and our opinions really matter!
Nothing for us, without us …..
'Just because you are young, does not mean you need to stay ideal by doing nothing' so I believe that young people need to stand up and get noticed. It's high time we start exploring possibilities that will help us grow professionally. I am also involved in an event management company and it was my sole decision to be a part of it, simply because I believed that being involved in something would help me set ground for other future opportunities. Therefore, explore to find your passion and challenge yourself in doing something that people believe is impossible for you to achieve.
Many people state that 'young people are not to be trusted because they can't distinguish between right from wrong', but I strongly disagree with this statement. My reaction is: Come on, give us a break, try not to taunt us with traditional thoughts, the world is ours and people need to understand that great things have happened because young people were a part of it. So, I personally believe that if you support and involve the young generation and learn to trust their competence and spirit, everything is possible!
Last words …..
Be comfortable in who you are and believe in yourself. The secret of being happy is acceptance- accept your strengths and try to realize your weakness and work on it. Understanding limits and taking failures gracefully will always give you an ace to start in life!


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