Interview with Khitiz Ale: Member of Gorkha Peace club

21 years old Khitiz Ale is visually impaired but his disability has not hindered his
responsibility towards the society. Khitiz is one of the peace mediators in his village,
and is very popular as the 'peace ambassador'. He has been successful in bringing
communities together and helping them bridge differences.

Please do listen to a soulful interview with Khitiz where he talks about - Youth as
mediators of peace

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It's so nice to know we're living in the world where people like Khitiz exist. Plus, it soothes me to see that human community is also progressing; in a savage society Khitiz's good sould wouldn't have been appreciated.
Besides, these days disability's not the end of the world: - I've found an article about essay writing services, where papers are being ordered and sold, and all it takes on both sides is intelligence and approach.

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ooohou sathi yastai vaba liyar hidanu parchh ani matrr
saphan bansakinchh
saririk rupa apangga vayar k voo
samaj sathivaiko sahayoog gane
tr saririk rupma u ok chh tr u gunda ...chori garchh vane k phaidan..sathii
aba yastai vabana boki aagadhi badhau sathii
aka din hamro name book ma aaunechh

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