Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 499: Contraceptives

It's embarrassing to buy and carry a condom, sex isn't good without a condom- it feels so fake, I am afraid to ask my partner to use a condom- wont it mean that I don’t trust him, using a condom is like wearing a raincoat in shower- it slaughters the enjoyment !

These are some of the dilemmas and opinions of SSMK listeners regarding condom use therefore both the host display their 'No hesitation' avatar and talk about myths and taboos related to contraceptive use and also remind the listeners that "Bargaining for condom with a partner was not a mere request it is our sole right". Please tune in to a frank and candid discussion between the two hosts and also listen to a candid VOX-pop where SSMK listeners share their opinion on the topic "Is sex the only binding factor in a relationship?"

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