Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 503: HIV & AIDS (PMTCT)

What is Prevention of mother to child transmission ? Is PMTCT method a boon for HIV infected mothers? Importance of PMTCT method ? How can young people work together to spread awareness on mother to child transmission?

A special interview with Dr. Ramesh Kumar Kharel, Deputy Director, National center of AIDS and STD control is also inserted in the program where Dr. Kharel discusses on the challenges of PMTCT program, services available in Nepal and government measures to ensure quick and reliable services to HIV infected mothers. Technical clarity on the PMTCT service is also provided by Dr. Kharel.

A real life story of a HIV infected women who is also a mother of one year old child is also inserted; where she discusses about PMTCT service and how it saved her child from getting HIV.

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motilal bohara's picture

4/4 wata episodes release vai sake khai ta mero sandesh parsaran gareko gharma aatiyar pani pattisake holan hai ssmk vaugolik durtalai hela gareho ho

suyog's picture

Haina ni sathi.....sathi sathi vaneko ta manko sambandha ho ni..... Vaugolic duratale kehi asar pardaina..... K ma kasari pathaunuvayeko ho vannus na sathi..... Sake samma Karyakram ma prasaran garchau nasake pani hami Tapaiko samasyako samadhan ta pakkai pathauchau .... Afno sathiko lagi tyatti pani gardainu hola ta hami..ani aru sunanus tapaiko k cha ? Sathi

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Hello, please upload episode 504..

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Barbie Myer

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