Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 505: Girls Are, Boys Are

Maili and Madan are the siblings of the same family and yet their lifestyle is very different. While Madan’s study is given importance, Maili has no time to study due to her household chores. When Maili gets an opportunity to go to a educational tour from her school, her mother refuses harshly. Will Madan support her? Will Maili be able to convience her mother?

After Drama: The hosts along with the two children talk about the drama and how things are similar for them as well. Girls are expected to do household activities, be polite and demure whereas, boys are expected to be strong and fearless. Is such traits given to them natural? Or are they just made by the society?

Voices from Children: What kind of works do you have to do in your house?

Voices from Parents: Do you treat your son and daughter differently?

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THANKS ramro 6 malai man pareo

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THANKS ramro 6 malai man pareo

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thank you malai dherai man paryo aab kta ktima hune bivedha kam hunchha ki

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