Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 813- Puberty

The issue of this week's episode is Information on Sex focusing especially in the sexual curiosity after puberty. As the episode starts off, Sabita, SSMK host enters the studio and gets a call from another SSMK host Sapan who asks her to find a piece of paper kept somewhere there. She finds out that Sapan has hidden a few love-related poems around the studio. As she completes reading the last poem, Sapan enters the studio declaring February as the month of love and wishes the listeners an early happy Valentine's day.

This week's drama explores the behavior of a teenage girl Jenisha. She finds herself thinking about sex all the time and curious about the male anatomy. She even finds herself attracted to her male friends and even her teacher. Her curiosity increases to such extent that she ends up peeking inside a boys' toilet. As she peeks through, she is caught by her teacher and she faces the danger of being expelled. What happens next? Will Jenisha be able to get herself out of this situation? Tune into this week's episode to find out.

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