Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 816 -Local Level Restructuring

This week's episode focuses on Local Level Restructuring of the country. When the episode starts, the SSMK program hosts Manoj and Sabita discuss about numerous queries from the listeners regarding Local Level Restructuring. Since the hosts themselves haven't been able to collect enough information to solve their queries, they decide to discuss the very issue with an expert in detail.

In the drama, Mane's girlfriend Ramita gets mad at him because he becomes absolutely clueless and ignorant about the local level restructuring process. He also keeps joking about the problems her brother might face while making his citizenship. Fearing that Ramita might break up with him, he asks his best friend Ghane and their club member Bhakte who runs a show in the community radio. They together using the radio station's contacts, interview Local Level Restructuring commission's member Madhav Adhikari in Bhakte's program. They not only get information for themselves but also inform the people of their village.

The hosts are surprised that Ghane and Mane interviewed an expert about the issue before them and also in the process informed them as well. They praise Ghane, Mane and Bhakte's actions as they used their local media resources and informed others about an important issue. To listen to the story, do tune into this week's episode.

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