Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 819 -Cyber Crime

In this week's episode-819, we are dealing with the issue of cyber crime. In the beginning of the episode, Kaustuv Mani Pokhrel, a veteran SSMK host joins present hosts and brings light on the issue of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Violence Against Women (VAW). He presents the key findings of the research done and before leaving he urges everyone to speak up against violence.

In the drama this week, a young college girl Samjhana breaks up with her boyfriend Rakesh when she finds out he's cheating on her. So as a revenge, Rakesh creates a fake Facebook account in her name and adds her friends and relatives. He even tries to extort money from her by threatening to post her intimate pictures which she had sent him when they were together. She is left helpless. What will Samjhana do? Tune into this week's episode to find out.

The hosts talk about how to practice safe cyber behavior and what actions to take if anyone becomes a victim of any cyber crime.

An interview with Baburam Aryal, an advocate of cyber law is included to know about what exactly are cyber crimes, do's and dont's, the existing cyber laws and penalty.

In the Saathi lai Saathi ko Sallah segment, a problem sent by a listener through VOY number about her boyfriend pressuring her for sex is also addressed.

In the Janda Jandai segment, the hosts talk about dandruff; causes, prevention and its treatment.

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