Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 827_Sexual Violence Against Children

Issue: Sexual Violence Against Children

Episode: 827

The issue of this week's episode is sexual violence against children. The program starts off with the hosts talking about the importance of voting in the upcoming local elections and how to choose the right candidate.

In the drama, Sanumaya, an orphan living with her aunt and uncle is often left uncomfortable and confused by her uncle's extra affectionate behaviour towards her. As her uncle's behaviour increases, realizes she is being sexually harassed. She cannot take it anymore and decides to tell her aunt about it but her aunt refuses to believe her. What will Sanumaya do? Tune into this week's episode to find out.

In Saathi lai Saathi ko Sallah segment, a problem sent by a listener from Bardiya about her friend, who is having trouble with her husband living abroad is addressed.

This week's VOY question is:

What role could youth have in combating sexual violence against children?

The SMS Poll question is: ​
What​ do think is the main reason of dowry practice?

Option A: Poverty

Option B: Illiteracy

Option C: Child Marriage

Option D : Imitation

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