Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 835_Child Labour

Issue: Child labor

Episode: 835

In this week's episode of SSMK, we are talking about one of the pressing issues of our country- child labor. The hosts Sabita and Manoj are excited to run this week's episode from Jumla. To start off the program, they recite a poem sent by a regular SSMK listener from Dang.

This week's story is based in an inspiring story of an adolescent from Nepalgunj. An adolescent boy named Jeevan from Nepalgunj, Banke is involved in rickshaw driving for sometime now. Because of the very activity, he is able to survive his family (including his sister and mother). Do tune into this week's program in order to know the detailed journey of how he turned out to be the leader of his family and at the same time, manage his studies too.

The hosts then contemplate on the differences of being independent and child labor with the example of Jeevan's story.

An interview with Dharma Raj Neupane, an official from District Administration Office, Jumla clarifies the overall situation of child labor in the place and the way outs they are implementing in order to solve this prevalent problem.

Also Padam Bahadur Shahi, an advocate from Jumla talks about the laws and punishment regarding child labor in Nepal. He shares the scenario of the child labor in Nepal.

Voice of Youth (VOY) question of the week is; What actions will you take as an individual if you witness child labor?

The SMS Poll question is: If you were attracted to more than one person at a time, how will you determine the right person for you?

Option A: I'll try to understand myself.

Option B: I would not compromise.
Option C: I'll choose the person who would understand my feelings.
Option D: This would never happen to me.

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