Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 841_Women Empowerment

Issue: Women Empowerment

Episode: 841

In this week's episode, we are talking about women empowerment its connection with financial literacy. The episode starts off from the location of where Pride Parade organized by the Blue Diamond Society is being held. The hosts describe the parade to the listeners and talk about this year's theme and meaning of the parade.

In this week's drama, Prapti a hardworking woman supporting her parents through her job is given a promotion. Overjoyed and ecstatic about the raise in her salary decides to throw a party at her house for her friends and even surprises her family with new clothes and a TV. Just as she is tidying up after the party her uncle Rajendra walks in demanding the money her family borrowed a long time ago. As they had been holding him off for a quite a long time, he demands his money by hook or by crook. To avoid humiliation of her parents further Prapti promises to pay him back the very next day even though she has no money. What will Prapti do now ?

An interview with Anil Nepal from Pahal about how youth especially women of rural areas can help with economic growth and achieve financial stability through financial literacy.

The VOY question is: Why do you think it's important to save money ?

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