Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 858_Social_Accountability

Issue: Social Accountability

Episode: 858

In this week's SSMK episode we are talking about Social Accountability and its tools focusing on local governance issues.

The story of Danda Kharka Yuwa Club with Mane returning back after a long time, presents an important issue of public hearing under social accountability tools in an interesting manner. Kaka complains about the transparency and accountability issues in the youth club to Mane. Mane, being a responsible member of the club is bothered after getting to know this and decides to talk to his youth club members. Are the youth club members accountable and clean in terms of corruption and bribery ? Do tune into this week's program to know more!

An interview with Chief Administration Officer Kaman Singh Thapa clarifies how social accountability is being practiced in Rolpa.

SSMK hosts further explain the social accountability tools and how adolescents and young people can be a part of it.

This week's VOY question is:
Is social accountability being practiced in your locality? If yes, have you participated in the process? How?

Thank you.

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