Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 860 STIs and STDs

Issue: STIs and STDs.
Episode: 860

In this week's episode, we talk about Sexually transmitted diseases and infections and differences between them.

In this week's drama, Meena who had been contemplating breaking up with her boyfriend Ramesh meets another guy Rabi and falls in love with him and they start having sex. Ramesh doesn't let Meena break up with him and blackmails her to continue their sexual relationship. This multiple sexual encounters takes a toll on Meena's physical health. Her menstruation cycle becomes irregular, starts suffering pain in her lower abdomen and difficulties while urinating. She starts suffering a great deal of pain and doesn't know who to consult or talk to. To find out what will Meena do, tune into this week's episode.

In the Saathi lai Saathi ko Sallah segment, a problem sent by a listener about allowance for people with disability is also addressed. An interview with Sudarshan Subedi, president of National Federation of Disabled is also included to get an expert's opinion on the matter.

This week's VOY question is: Why do you think people feel uncomfortable to talk about STIs and STDs.

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