Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 862 Gender Equility

Issue: ​Gender Equality
Episode: 86​2​

​The 862nd episode of SSMK starts off with a radio feature of an event; Sahi ho! held in Dhulikhel, Kavre. The event primarily targeted on women empowerment through two major components; a street drama from adolescents and an inter-generational dialogue with the presence of stakeholders as well.

​This week's drama is based on the real story sent by a listener from Saptari. Ranju, a dance prodigy is abandoned from dancing by her father. Along with her older sister she is deprived of quality education. But her sister and teachers are very supportive towards her and encourage to actively participate in upcoming inter-school dance competition to be held in her locality. Do tune into this week's program to know the story in detail whether she is able to pursue her passion.

​An interview with Yamlal Bhusal, spokesperson from National Reconstruction Authority is included in the program who talks about National Earthquake Day-2074.​

​VOY Question of the week​
: ​How can a family help for the empowerment​ of adolescent girls?

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