Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 863 about Teenage Pregnancy.

Issue: ​Teenage Pregnancy; Safe Sex & Safe Abortion
Episode: 86​3

​An interview with Yamlal Bhusal from National Reconstruction Authority clarifies about the events that took place on the day of National Earthquake Safety Day.

Usha, a 17 years old adolescent is left clueless when her lover boyfriend Madan betrays after having sex during one of her educational tours. She has no idea what to do next and whom to approach. To add to the misery, she gets pregnant as well. Will she be able to cope with the troubled situation? Whom will she approach now? Will she give birth to a child? Do tune into this week's heart touching story and know in detail. :)

Dr. Aruna Upreti shares the effects that premature sex and specifically unsafe sex can bring. Also she shares the ongoing trend among teenagers of infatuation turned casual sex which can be detrimental in their lives.

A story of social worker from Kaski, Sarita Gurung is included in this week's episode. She presents her journey of stepping into social sector, challenges she faces during the process and self-satisfaction she gets after serving others.

​VOY Question of the week​
: ​What do you think of premature sex?

In the "Saathi Lai Saathiko Sallaha" section, a query from a listener from Okhaldhunga is dealt. And the query is related to effective study tips during exam time.

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