Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 864-Youth Participation in Local Budget

Issue: ​
Youth Participation in Local Budget
Episode: 86​4

​The SSMK hosts share the experience of listeners regarding their involvement in social accountability and its tools.

An interesting story of Ghane & Birkhe is set to entertain and at the same time inform an important issue; fair distribution of local budget with an example of a local leader Ram Dai who owns a finance company. Ram Dai; despite
being​​ a trustworthy and respectable person in the society​ misuses the money for his personal use. What will Ghane & Birkhe do now? Do tune into this week's program to know the story in detail. :)

​In an interview with Shanta Acharya, the deputy chief of Pyuthan Municipal, she talks about the budget allocation and its distribution. She also shares how the adolescents and young people are being engaged and involved in the budget planning process as well.

​VOY Question of the week​
: ​In your locality, how is the budget being utilized in the youth and adolescents' priority issues?

Rabin Bishwakarma
​, ​from Dhankuta who is ​
an ardent listener of SSMK​​ for more than a decade now shares how SSMK has been the greater part of his progressive life.​

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The hosts of the show SSKM entertain the people by sharing the interesting stories of listener about their involvement in social accountability. The hosts entertain the public. It was a great experience listening to them. A great post to read. This best essay is really helpful for the graduate students.

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