Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 865-Love & Rejection: Valentine's Day Special

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Love & Rejection: Valentine's Day Special
Episode: 86​5

In order to start off the program; the SSMK hosts flirt with each other symbolizing the month of love i.e. February.

Samir, an adolescent who after getting rejection by his fellow college-mate Alisha cannot cope with the emotions and then
gets into alcoholism. One day, he gets heavily drunk, walks around Alisha's house and yells. After being complaint, he gets caught by the police. What will he do? Will be able to cope up with the emotions? Tune into this week's program to know more about the story.

Young people and adolescents share the creative ways on how they are able to cope up with emotions they undergo after being rejected by the person s/he loves.

​VOY Question of the week​
: What are the creative ways of handling rejection?

In this week's Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha, problem sent in by a listener regarding sex is dealt. The listener shares how she is being pressurized for sex by her lover.

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