Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 866-​ ​​Love & Rejection: Valentine's Day Special- II

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Love & Rejection: Valentine's Day Special- II
Episode: 86​6

One of the SSMK hosts Sabita gifts another host Manoj in order to symbolically flatter and show him that she cares about him.

Samir, an adolescent who was rejected by his college-mate Alisha
is now coping with the situation and tries to normalize himself. Manila; his close friend since the school days is in deep love with Samir and confesses it. Surprised with the proposal Samir is left speechless. What will he do? Make sure you listen to this week's program in order to know whether or not he will accept the proposal.

SSMK hosts then share the creative ways of proposing the loved ones and before that they also contemplate on how to differentiate between love & infatuation.

​VOY Question of the week​
: What are the creative ways of proposing the person you love?

A problem sent by a listener from Illam district is dealt in this week's program. The problem is related to fear of approaching the loved one.

In the end, the hosts wish everyone a very happy Valentine's day! :)

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namsate diju sabita and manoj sir ani mira diju
yo progrram ta malae asadhai man paryo kin ki ma mero jibanma vako jastai milyo teysaile tapae haruko tem la dhari vanda dhari dhanyabad din chahanxu aagami din ma pani yestai yestai program liyer aaudai garno hola ok saathi haru bay bay bay

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Actually now a day people are taking love for granted. Especially boys, they take women for ranted without knowing the value of them in their life. So they are just doing this love only for time being but not for any serious relationship which lasts for longer. As per blogs survey most of the men are in this category. It's time to change and start true love guys.

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can you please tell me the real name of manila in this episode I'm great fan of her voice and acting from long time I'm waiting for your response.

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This post made me realize the shortcoming my assignment has. I overcome those shortcomings. Thanks for such a good post

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