Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 867

Issue: ​​​Menstrual Hygiene- Use of home made pads
Episode: 86​7

​T​he SSMK hosts​ ​share the responses sent in by the listeners in order to start off the program.

Kishori, a popular character in SSMK introduces story of her friend Aastha back in Sitalpati village. Aastha, ​an adolescent trying to train and convince her college friends in order to use the home-made ​pads during menstruation is denied. At the very moment, Kishori meets her. She then shares her experience how she learnt the procedures of making pads using locally available resources. Do tune into this week's SSMK episode to know more about it. :)

SSMK hosts then discuss how menstruation should be treated with ease as it's a natural process. Some of the adolescent girls share whether they use sanitary pads available in the market or the homemade pads. To utmost surprise, most of them are unknown about the making of homemade pads.

In an interview with Sabuna Gamal, she shares the benefits of using homemade pads, the procedure of making it and finally encourages everyone to use them as well.

​VOY Question of the week​: What did you learn about homemade pads after listening today's program?

Thank you so much everyone.

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