Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 868_Budget allocation in Education

Issue: ​
​​CSMAP- Budget allocation in Education.
Episode: 86​8

In order to begin this week's episode, SSMK hosts reflect on the previous issue which was related to accountability of public property and later create linkage with this week's story of Ghane, Mane & Birkhe. Also the responses sent in by the listeners are read out.

Ghane, one of the active members of Daanda Kharka Youth Club
finds out that his sister Batuli is sent bills with unnecessary headings. Furious with this unethical behavior from school, Ghane reaches out to his parents and when ignored talks to his friends. Will Ghane and his friends be able to solve this problem? Tune into this week's program and know more about it. :)

In an interview with Tapendra Bahadur Shahi, president of RR Campus Free Students' Union (FSU), he shares how FSU directly collaborates with college administration for the betterment of college education.

A montage which includes opinions of participants of Sambad Hidda-Hiddai held in Parasi is included in this week's program as well.

​VOY Question of the week​
: How do you plan to invest the budget you get for the welfare of students in your school/college?

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