Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 869_Girl_Child_Empowerment

Issue: ​Girl Child Empowerment
Episode: ​869​

To start off this week's SSMK episode, the hosts read out loud the ​theme of this year's International Women's Day which is "Time is Now; Rural and Urban Activists Transforming Women's Lives".

​Sanjog Thakuri; one of the initiators of ​Men's March share his experience of inception, need and significance of men's participation in such initiatives.

In​ this week's SSMK drama, ​Sapana, an adolescent girl who is way skilled than her colleague Bimal but is paid less by her employer. Saddened by the instance, she talks to her employer. In return she is left disappointed and decides of quitting the job. What will she do? Do tune into this week's episode in order to know more about the story.

​In Hey Yuwa Jaya Yuwa​ section, we feature inspiring stories of youth. And this time a story of a young female Tempo driver from Sindhupalchok is included in the program. She shares the story of her journey of being an independent person and at the same time maintaining her studies.

​VOY Question of the week​
: How can you, as an individual lessen the gender disparity?

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