Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 870_Physical_Appearance

Issue: ​Physical Appearance
Episode: ​870

A regular listener of SSMK, Sashiva sends her appreciation about the recent episode through SSMK Facebook Page which is read out in order to start off the program. In her comments, she mentions how happy she is to listen to two female hosts talking about women empowerment.

In this week's story, Suman; an adolescent who is passionate in Hip-Hop music is restricted by his father to dive into his passion because of his physical appearance. Inspite of constant warnings from his father, he pursues his rapping obsession and even participates in rap battle organized in his locality. After getting caught up by his father while doing a rap battle, he is severely punished and embarrassed as well. What will he do? Will he able to convince his father and chase cravings? Listen to this week's program and know more about it. :)

Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha; A problem sent in by a listener from Illam who is hesitant to approach the girl he loves is dealt in this week's program.

Voices Of Youth(VOY) of the week; In your opinion, why should one refrain judging others on the basis of physical appearance?

International Women's Day 2018 Special; opinions of participants of Men's March regarding the significance of their participation in the campaign is included in this week's program.​

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Malai yo episode sarai nai man paryo, mero bichar ma ni pariwartan aayo,aaba ma ni sab ko bichar, boli le judge garxu na ki #physical appearance le

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