Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 871_ ​Menstruation; Proper disposal of sanitary pads

Issue: ​871
Episode: ​Menstruation; Proper disposal of sanitary pads.

In order to start off the program, the hosts read out opinions of listeners sharing how the previous episode of Menstruation changed their perception regarding the use of home-made pads. The listeners are encouraged to share their feedback concerning their issues which can be further discussed in the program.

Kishori; a popular story-teller with her distinct accent brings story of her village Shitalpati featuring Jyoti; an ignorant adolescent in the same place. Kishori is disappointed when she finds out that majority of villagers throw the used sanitary pads in water sources including the educated ones like Jyoti. And when Kishori tries to convince her, she is ignored in return. What will Kishori do now? Listen to this week's program and find out more in detail. :)

Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha (Your Problem, Our Suggestions)
In this week's Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha Section, a problem sent in by one of the differently abled listeners regarding his inability to arouse during sexual intercourse is dealt along with an interview of a Doctor.

A poem recited by Usha Bhandari, Hetauda, Makwanpur reflecting harsh reality of street children is included in the program as well.

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week; How do you manage the used sanitary pads during your menstruation period?

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