Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 872_ ​Puberty

Issue: ​872
Episode: ​Puberty

​The SSMK hosts recite an emotional poem related to greatness of mother sent in by Bipana Acharya, a listener from Bardiya in order to kick off the program.

; a​ school student​ feels left out in his friends circle after being the only one who hasn't even watched a single porn video until now. He is very keen to watch it and starts fantasizing about it as well. When he has a minor nipple pain in his chest during the early puberty phase, his friends manipulate him saying that he'll turn into a girl now. Fearful with the situation and over-thinking, he can't think of any solutions. What will be his next move? Will he be able to solve the problem? Do tune into this week's program. :)

​Some of the young college students share the curiosities they went through during puberty.

Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha (Your Problem, Our Suggestions)
In this week's Saathi Lai Saathi Ko Sallaha Section, a problem sent in ​by a ​
listener​ from Udayapur is dealt. The problem relates to pursuing the career in the field of literature while the listener is having financial difficulty in his family at the same time.

​This week the listeners are surprised welcoming the new SSMK host; Karuna. Similarly, the winners of "SMS My Voice" campaign with the best campaign ideas are announced as well. The winners are Gokarna Timilsina from Banke, Birendra Thapa from Bardiya and Sujana KC from Sindhupalchok.

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week; ​​
​Whom would you share the curiosities you faced​ during puberty?

Thank you ​so much everyone!

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