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Saathi Sanga Manka Kura 599 - Migration

The SSMK host debate about whether it was wise of people to go abroad for employment without proper orientation about the work or the lifestyle of the particular country. Citing cases of harassment, assault and mental trauma that women face in Lebanon – the SSMK host caution the listeners that similar situation can be faced by them if they tend to go abroad without using the right channel, as illegal means would also cause complication in terms of rescue and rehabilitation.

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Saathi Sanga Manka Kura 597 - Disability

Our week's drama is about the story of Sandhya, a young girl with disability but with high morale to conquer the world. Her sorrows must be credited for all the strong will power she demonstrates. She knows it quite well that her disability cannot stop her get where she wants to. Rani at the other hand is a very good friend of Sandhya and supports her in every step. Listen to this exciting drama to know what Sandhya's commitment as she encounters a harrassment at her office. Find out how she fights back

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Saathi Sanga Manka Kura 596 - HIV/AIDS

Our this week's drama is about the story of Seema, a young girl who just passed her graduation and always found mingled with her rich thoughts and seeking their solution to make things go perfect. Seema tries to buy a blissful solitude time for herself when her parents knock her door with the wedding proposals. Agreed with her parents Seema meets Sulabh, with whom her parent are trying to tie the knot, but again she is surrounded with her handful of queries, especially on HIV/AIDS.

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Saathi Sanga Man Ka Kura 594 - Education

This week's drama is about Meena, a small girl who loves her father very dearly who dreams BIG things for his daughter. Meena has no clue about the consequence of the early marriage rather finds her enjoying with new colorful clothes, jewelries and other stuffs. Her father is just as happy as Meena. An incident of early child marriage hits every house of the village and concerns Meena's father. He is determined to wed Meena at earliest. Listen to this exciting drama to know how Meena fights back things to make them colorful.

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Saathi Sanga Man Ka Kura 590 New Technology Love

Dialing wrong number can be equally troubling or lucky for Arushi when she misjudges a call to a person thinking it is her friend Saru. Slowly they get to know each other where they fall in love. Arushi is studying in college and Milan works in a bank. The story takes a u-turn when Saru shares similar story to her best friend to be more cautious as she has become victim to a guy in the past.

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Saathi Sanga Man Ka Kura 589 Disaster Risk Reduction- Youth’s role

Because of lack of awareness, people living in least developing countries are mostly the victims of natural disasters, whether it is landslides, floods, earthquakes, fire etc. However, Juneli, who is active in the society, knows more about such disaster. A 17 years old girl who attends workshops held at her college regarding disaster risk reduction gets litmus test when a disaster occurs in her own village. To know how she rescued her village from the landslide, please listen to SSMK.