Audios Under Youth engagement

6th May 2013

21 years old Khitiz Ale is visually impaired but his disability has not hindered his
responsibility towards the society. Khitiz is one of the peace mediators in his village,
and is very popular as the 'peace ambassador'. He has been successful in bringing
communities together and helping them bridge differences.

Please do listen to a soulful interview with Khitiz where he talks about - Youth as
mediators of peace

9th August 2012

Nirmal Acharya, who has achieved his goal of working in an educational institute, tells us about the importance for setting your goals early and working towards achieving them.

19th April 2012

Youths from Kholpur, Banke prepares series of steps to save a massive forest. They now plan to make into community forest divided into four major sector as major source of economy. The produced products to be exported nationwide as identity of west as well as to improve the living standards.