November 2010

Edge of Heaven

The Edge of Heaven (Auf der anderen Seite) is story about the intertwining lives of six characters. The Turkish-German film, directed by Fatih Akin, explores fateful tragedies that ultimately lead to changes in the characters. In the first part of the movie Ali, an elderly Turkish immigrant in Germany, meets Yeter, a prostitute who is also a Turkish immigrant. Ali believes he has found a solution to his loneliness after Yeter agrees to move into his house. Sometime later, both have an argument in which Ali stikes Yeter and accidentally kills her. 

Banning internet porn!

The intensity with which Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is persecuting internet pornography in Nepal is pretty surprising. It is hard to believe that the government finds internet porn so objectionable that it’s been given utmost priority when its hands are already full with all the kidnappings, murders and other criminal activities going on. The reason given by the government for the ban is national insecurity and increasing amount of vulgarism in society.

I am hungry- Hear my call!

in hunger

"Could you get me a plate of rice? Oh, God. That wouldn't be enough. I would be too hungry. 

I know what hunger is. I have known hunger since the last drought. The pangs have been my friends since the last untimed, uncalled rain.   

I am so empty at times- times when I end up in piles of damp, unripened grains, completely devastated by hail stones."