February 2011

Are Nepalese youth patriot enough??

Nepalese youth can be categorized in two groups these days, those who left already and those who are left behind. It’s the prejudice against the first group and the desperation of the latter one that bothers me the most. Every other day, the world is shrinking more and more into a global village and along with it the barriers of division such as nationality, culture, and religion are crumbling. Younger generation is getting more aware of the global achievements and trends.

Reclaiming life

in life, poem

And now I know, I'm not happy not because I am sad
I'm not happy because I'm not happy. 

Now I choose to be happy
I choose to reclaim my life
Because I am the sole lord of my life
And no one else

It's high time I did that
I want a life of my own
I want a life I love
Not a life others envy

A million might die to be in my shoes
But only I know that my feet are killing me
There are people who praise me 
But only I know how I have been targeted
And given a punishment apparently because I knew too much


They had been together through high school and most of college too. The senior year brought Grad School applications, job applications, career contemplation, new directions...a new leaf turned over in the book of life. The graduation party was the last time they had actually been together. They did call and facebook each other but with the passing of weeks, the calls and mails got sparser until they were completely off each other's radars. Bffl...best friends for life; they had had t-shirts made with these words printed on them. It felt like a whole different era...