How to color in a black & white photo

I am not some kinda expert but it’s just that I have been working with Photoshop for quite a while. It all started off with all those magnificent designs that was a kind of hype back then (I guess, it’s still on). The stated below proficiency will work in every levels in Photoshop. I attained this skill after much failure of making good pictures go bad and even worse.

36 For this, i take this simple and plain picture (Just for Tutorial) and do few rotations of my magic wand.

Here is how we do it;

1) Open a photograph, but make sure it has some good bright colors for exposure as this will have the impact

2) Select IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>DESATURATE to turn the photo black and white. But don’t take the photo out of RGB (i.e. don’t convert to black and white or mono) or the next step won’t work.

3) Select the history brush from the tool menu on the left of the screen (usually the fifth icon down in the right hand column), set hardness to 100% and choose a suitable brush size to work with on the section of the photo you want to put in color.

4) Now use the brush and go over the area you want in color, the brush will erase the black and white and bring back the color. You may need to zoom and work close up on some sections. Take your time and change brush sizes if you need to.

37 SSMK Tutorial

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