OUT with the old; IN with the new...

40 The year is 2069 BS, the year we were supposed to get our constitution. A constitution that was finally conceived after the bloodshed, tears and sacrifice of thousands of Nepalese people’s dream. But once again our ‘wise leaders’ have let us down and we, the youths of the nation, are more disillusioned than ever. We are struggling to indentify and play our roles in this time of transition. We have pent-up anger and frustration because of the political stagnation. And some of us vent our frustrations through inexplicable acts of violent demonstrations such as bandhs, vandalism etc. While these sorts of demonstrations might be for valid agendas but the way they are conducted is unjust and a massive waste of youth power and potential.

Youth power has been a powerful and handy tool in a politician’s belt for many years now. History has showed us time and again that the youths have played a vital role in bringing progressive political changes to the country, whether it was in 2007 BS or in the Jana Andolans of 2046 and 2063 BS. We have the ability to galvanize the whole nation and make them want to strive for better lives for themselves. But till now the role of the youths has been confined to only this much. Once a situation for progressive change has been established, the so called ‘wise leaders’ take charge and the young people have to step aside and watch. Hence we are being limited to just being tools in some politician’s belt.

The stereotypical perception of the youths is that we are a bunch of rebellious and violent people. While these perceptions are sometimes justified by our own behaviors, we are capable of more… so much more. It seems that we lack good guidance and judgment because of which we end up being used by politicians for their personal gains. We need to be aware of this and need to think both critically and creatively. We need to communicate our ideas, thoughts, feelings and desires more effectively so that we can truly contribute to building our nation and I believe that each and every Nepali youngster wants to make this contribution.

The political leaders of our country have proven that they are incompetent and are incapable of leading the nation. So we, the future of our country, have to realize our potential NOW and lead this country to a bigger, brighter and better future. It will not be easy. The greatest achievements have to be made with great skills and endeavors. We need to learn from our mistake and the mistakes of our ‘wise leaders’. We need to re-establish a sense of unity and pride that once we all had and improve on it with equality and justice. I know most of us are disappointed and disillusioned but we need to have hope… hope for our nation. This is our time, our time to shine.

~ Ayush Manandhar


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