Reclaiming life

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And now I know, I'm not happy not because I am sad
I'm not happy because I'm not happy. 

Now I choose to be happy
I choose to reclaim my life
Because I am the sole lord of my life
And no one else

It's high time I did that
I want a life of my own
I want a life I love
Not a life others envy

A million might die to be in my shoes
But only I know that my feet are killing me
There are people who praise me 
But only I know how I have been targeted
And given a punishment apparently because I knew too much

But I know I have to regain my lost self
And be the best
Whether they measure my intelligence
Or my ignorance

I've now known the meaning of paying a price 
for knowing things
But I can't keep mum
Because that's me garrulously me...

I want to
And I will reclaim my life
A life that's mine.


Words Sumit Poudyal


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