Where there is a Wheel, There is a Way…

It was strange for me to know about the philosophy about a wheel. Wheel, a mere wheel, holds continuous philosophical background and a source of inspiration. And yes, the philosophy is ethical and logical as well. The two inventions of human kind, Vote in Politics and Wheel in Physics, have dramatically changed mankind living style and behaviors. Out of these two, here I talk about the wheel, its dynamism, marvelous history, and above all Pangrello Movement in Nepal. Of course the wheel associates vote in parallel manner.

Directly or indirectly wheel holds importance in our life. It's simply impossible to imagine life without wheel, wheel used in vehicles, wheel used in your bi-cycles, wheel used in fans, computers to the mixer grinder in your kitchen. Its usage is universal. In the world we live everything are scheduled in wheel. Your daily activities, the life time wheel (cycle), the natural (cycles) and all.

Even our body cells function in wheel. The list goes long. The prosperity of human being from a wild to civilized, wheel has encountered as a major tool and thus wheel holds inevitable relations to everything that we come across. The proximity thus wheel shows to its dimension navigates its universal acceptance. The uniformity and variability is conjugal; intend to fit in all cosmic process into wheel as well.

It's always the wheel dynamism that always worked as mediator for humans lethargy efforts. The cosmos provides great instance of wheel importance and thus followed in every steps. It is a tonality for human being, in many senses. The cosmic wheels of planetary and atomic motion define the building blocks of physical and natural life as well and the impossibility of life if these wheels stop.

A wheel in itself is just a wheel but in a combination is a vehicle to take human from a bipedal being to a multi-pedal being advanced, swifter and faster than the ancient human. This is essence defines Pangre School of Thought and we don’t just need a wheel but many wheels for transcendence. Thus the wheel should run smooth, in its all features, for continuation of human civilization. Back in January of 2009, some youths of in Kathmandu realized the potential of wheel and its dynamism.

The day was one of the schedules of Nepalese politics and strike 'Banda' was called. This gave sufficient reason to seize the motion of wheel. The youths thus planned to go with the motion of wheel and started rotating the free wheels of vehicles (collected from garage and service centers) in order to continue the wheel dynamism ironically.

This was the initiation of movement and thus started Pangrello Movement of Nepal (Pangra- typical Nepali word meaning wheel) for the continuation of wheel dynamics and thus an informal group started and named as Pangre School of Thought. Since then regular events had been carried out for the smooth run of Pangra and along with philosophical discussions go parallel.

We accept all our supporters to be members of the school. With the continuation of movement, the campaigners faced many obstacles. I remember the weeklong strike "Nepal Bandh" called by Maoist in May this year. After the realization that Nepal Bandh is a complex social anarchy, not just means of repression, it must be understood as a hegemonic political strategy like other strategies of politics and domination. However in any sense or such the domination will lead to seize the motion of wheel. General strike is a regressive nationalism that drags nation to a century back.

The culture of silence is not always the culture of acceptance and for this realization the school of thought publicized to organize one event where the campaigners tried to rotate wheels in the roads of Baneswor, Kathmandu. The event was ironic dissemination of dissatisfaction and disagreement to the culture of stopping movement of wheel- Pangras. The event was then badly disturbed by Maoist cadres and some of the campaigners were pampered and arrested by cadres.

These disturbances provided fuel to the enthusiasm to the movement and movement started using various networks and outreaches to disseminate its philosophy throughout the globe. The philosophy is getting its way to be popular and a clear way is now seen there is solution for every problem but should track right ways.The right ways and for right ways there stands always wheel- so, where there is a wheel there is a way.

Some relevance to universal principles and values that Pangrello seek mutualism:
Only stable and static observer in a slower or faster rotation can see another wheel rotating. Two observers on two different wheels with same rotation speed see each other stable and static. Pangrello believes in transcending into stable and static ideological grounds for the society like same motion wheels for non-violent creative revolution but also with the rotation for social transcend. Where there is Pangrello, there is always change. Pangrello supports the transformative side of our existence, moment to moment.

A football if seen geometrically is also a combination of small and large wheels and brings the world together with the passions and emotions implying a social transcendence in progress. Blessed are those who talk in circles, for they shall become a big wheel. The wheel not of ignorance but of great wisdom and intellectual innovations where wheel exists there is a solidification, unity and equality and what not?

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