The Buzz; Internet Relationship

45 Somewhere in the back of my distorted mind, when the unconscious gears of the subconscious grind away, I know, my brain is supervising the character of my relationship. I know this as there are few pit stops i make for emails, social networks everyday to respond to and/ OR update each of these in the most constructive ways i can come up with. In the physical world (OFF the Internet) i engage in similar drills, answering phone calls, texts, get together.

Banning internet porn!

The intensity with which Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) is persecuting internet pornography in Nepal is pretty surprising. It is hard to believe that the government finds internet porn so objectionable that it’s been given utmost priority when its hands are already full with all the kidnappings, murders and other criminal activities going on. The reason given by the government for the ban is national insecurity and increasing amount of vulgarism in society.

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