The Buzz; Internet Relationship

45 Somewhere in the back of my distorted mind, when the unconscious gears of the subconscious grind away, I know, my brain is supervising the character of my relationship. I know this as there are few pit stops i make for emails, social networks everyday to respond to and/ OR update each of these in the most constructive ways i can come up with. In the physical world (OFF the Internet) i engage in similar drills, answering phone calls, texts, get together.

He’s just not that into you

in hate, lies, love

So you have broken up with someone and you haven’t been crying at all? You are questioning yourself if you really felt for them? Or you are thinking ‘WOW! I am so strong’…

Whisk those thoughts away…honey! you are in denial! nothing else. Give it sometime to settle and you’ll’ll hit you like a hurricane.

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