Antony Lake: The undefeated vocal chord for children and youth


Twitter, face book and SMS channels were all buzzing with the news of the newest celebrity in the block- Antony Lake, The executive director of UNICEF. Antony Lake might be a man of status, but his humble personality flanked with his witty and intellectual views, redefines grandeur in the finest manner. Saathi Sanga Manka Kura producers- Ayush and Swarnima met the executive director of UNICEF and quizzed him with a handful of questions being addressed to him by the children and young people of Nepal. The views were sent to the executive director through the popular 4400 Toll Free SMS service introduced by UNICEF Nepal in partnership with radio program Saathi Sanga Manka Kura.

Enthusiastically elaborating on their once in a life time chit-chat with the down to earth, free spirited and spontaneous Executive director of UNICEF, the SSMK hosts candidly opine that though Antony Lakes mane might have gone Santa clause white he still has the power and confidence to claim the title of the undefeated vocal chord for children and young people. Ayush and Swarnima can't help but jointly agree that "every word that Antony Lake spoke not only had the power to influence, but it served as a prompt reminder to the young people and children that no-matter-what they will always be the champions in the league of development, peace, prosperity and equality".

Please listen to the spontaneous and witty conversation between SSMK hosts and Antony Lake and be ready to be bowled out by his majestic presence and views on SSMK radio waves.

The Interview



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