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'Lex Limbu': the 19 years old guy who has brought a digital tsunami in the blogging world; is nothing like Lex Luther the villain in superman cartoon, nor is he the posh incarnation of west meets east, he is unlike the cloud-nine version of a non-residential Nepali living in London and he is surely not the 'not-my cup of tea' kind of unperturbed teenager, who care more about their well being than thinking about others. My initial impression regarding Lex Limbu were surely blur, but as the interview unfolded I understood why everyone was praising this young person- He has a genuine spark of determination inside, as everything that he says is tailored in an intellectual scale, a visionary who believes in initiation rather than mindless babbling, a person who respects his cultural root despite living in London his whole life and a teenager who believes in the power of expression- through which he has mastered to connect and inspire millions of other youngsters, through his blog.  In a nutshell, Lex Limbu is sheer brilliance who has the potentials to turn the tables with his intellectual thoughts and ideas.

Know more, about youth icon Lex Limbu, as he candidly shares with me his views about Nepal, life as a non-residential Nepali, his love/hate relationship with his virtual critics and the reason behind his uncalculated fame.  Get ready to be bowled out by his lexilicious insights!

Down the memory lane....
I started blogging simply because I had a lot of things in my mind which I wanted to share. Most of the bloggers that I followed were all talking hard-core politics, but I just wanted to write what teenagers usually talk about. So, in 2006 I just started writing about what I saw, thought, and believed in. These blog posts were my own share of insights that were flanked by the experiences of my friends and peers. Slowly, my blogs started getting ravishing reviews and hits from people in Nepal and abroad, and the kind of response that I was getting really fueled my enthusiasm to write more. Today, when I see the zillion hits and comments that my blogs receives I just get a bit nostalgic because when I started savoring my thoughts in the virtual world, I never thought that my thoughts would have the power to connect with so many people, even herald a positive discussion about things that really mattered to us. This all would not have been possible if I had constrained my thoughts and worried too much about what others would think or say about me.

Why is my blog popular?  .....
People ask me, why of all the other blogs in the net, my blog is the one that stands out? I believe, that though I cater the same news as other bloggers, I cater my news in a fresh manner which is fuelled with my personal opinions and insights and most importantly I am a blogger who is not afraid of being vocal about people, events and things ! I write about things which needs to get written about, I have never in my writings defamed anyone because I have always believed in appreciating the hard work that people do in their profession and my comments are not deliberate-criticism they are comments from a 'well-wisher' that if heeded to, will definitely help them in a positive manner.
Most importantly, I blog about Nepal by promoting creative and inspiring people, budding talents and young people who believe in their own potentials. In a nutshell, I am a blogger who exclusively blogs about Nepal and Nepali people.

Blogging about Nepal through the UK lens.....
People cynically ask me "How can you write about Nepal when you live in UK?" and my answer is "Just because you live abroad does not mean that you are unperturbed about the happenings in your country! Blogging, for me is more like fulfilling a responsibility towards my country because when I blog (Talk) about Nepal, I feel close to the events, people and development in the country. Even though, I live a million miles away, I am more informed about Nepal and what I write in my blog also serves as a reliable source of information to many Nepali people. Just like other foreign tourist or anyone who loves Nepal, I want Nepal to do good, that’s why I am advocating and writings about the positive happenings over here.

My critical cup of tea ….
I do get bashed, criticized and sometimes (even) threatened for what I write! Therefore, for people who think I don't have to face the scrutiny of people are definitely wrong- but still this does not stop me from writing what I feel, simply because deep down I know I am not wrong !

Surprisingly, many people who are also my ardent critics always see the glory details and often criticize by stating, that I bask in fame because of my celebrity connection! But 'Hello'! I started as a rookie and I hardly knew anyone; as I started blogging, people started appreciating me and that's why I have friends, followers and admirers. If it was not for my hard work and confidence in my intuition, I would have just been another brick in the virtual world (Smiles)

Internet is not the next big thing; it's already a big thing! ….
If you ask whether, Internet is the next big thing? I would in a flash say "No! Internet is already a big thing'. Social media plays a vital role in changing the attitude of people therefore; every responsible youngster should spare their time to talk about issues that will bring positive changes in the lives of millions of people. Blog for me is my step of informing, education and inspiring people. My blog is not only about fashion, music and entertainment; I have written about human rights, homosexuality, positive works that young people have done and many issues that directly or indirectly affects the life of many teenagers.

Here or Abroad- A Nepali will always remain a Nepali …..
Even though many of us live seven seas away, we are not different! I feel the same kind of emotion that young people in Nepal feel and I too feel irritated when people do not respond positively to our needs and desires. 'Here or abroad'- A Nepali will always remain a Nepali, as all of us are provided various opportunities to be a part of the nations development through volunteering, fund raising for Nepal or campaigning aboard to show solidarity for a positive cause. I don't mean to brag, but Nepalese abroad are undeclared ambassadors for Nepal and it's our duty to bring Nepal's issue in front of the global lens.

Young guns- Visionary in disguise ….
For me, young people are visionary in disguise. We might look young, but we all are gifted with a thinking cap, that can indeed change the way people think! That's why, it's high time for youngsters to take a stand and starts brainstorming on ideas that will help them grow into the leaders of tomorrow. Every small effort of ours, every sweat that we contribute and every minute of positivity that we spend to believe will surely bring CHANGE. As it's a mixture of positivity, humbleness, learning attitude and determination that will help shape the leader inside us. That's why be true to yourself, ask what you want, defy criticism if you have utmost faith in what you are doing and most importantly, remember no matter how many times we fail, our hard work will surely teach us what 'euphoria' feels like in the end. Know more about me by logging into:

~ Words: Ayush Joshi


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