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We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the future -Franklin D. Roosevelt

Being the vital workforce of the nation, what role do we, Nepalese youths play in the promotion and success of one of our most important tourism campaigns-Nepal Tourism Year 2011(NTY 2011)? In fact, Nepalese youths and NTY 2011 are complementary and interdependent terms. If we give a glance to the history of tourism development in Nepal, Nepalese youths have contributed greatly in the development of tourism in the country. Be it in the field of development of adventure or sports tourism or the development of hotel enterprises in the country, the contribution and positive role of Nepalese youths, I reckon, always comes to the forefront. The innovative and creative ideas, the strong will power and determination and a broader and wider perspective of Nepalese youths can be put together for the betterment of NTY 2011. There are various economical, social, political, cultural, environmental, promotional and human roles that Nepalese youths can and should play in the promotion and success of NTY 2011. As major stakeholders, entrepreneurs, policy makers, planners, initiators, managers, pressure groups, environmentalists, advisors, volunteers, and cultural promoters, Nepalese youths play a very dynamic and far-reaching role in NTY 2011.

First of all, Nepalese youths are comparatively more aware about the country’s immense tourism potentials and prospects. They know how best we can use our resources for attracting maximum number of tourists to Nepal. Different campaigns, programs, exhibitions, festivals and fairs for the promotion of NTY 2011 have already been organized in different countries with active participation and initiation from Nepalese youths and the possibilities are still expanding.  At the same time, internet marketing which has emerged as the new and innovative tool for promotion has been largely controlled and operated by Nepalese youths.  We can find numerous examples of Nepalese youths, residing both inside and outside the country using blogs and social networking sites like Facebook for the promotion of NTY 2011.

Youths are the major tourism entrepreneurs. All the sectors related to tourism like Hotels, Lodges, Travel Agencies, Handicraft and other Hospitality Sectors are mostly run and operated by youths. They are acting as the fuel for tourism development and promotion by providing the much needed tourism amenities, accommodation, and entertainment. At the same time, these energetic youth entrepreneurs are coming up with new and innovative ideas and plans for the promotion of NTY 2011 and the development of quality tourism. Various hotels and lodges have upgraded their existing quality, expanding their accommodation capacity and providing training and information to staffs and managers to win tourists' appreciation. Thus, the leadership and managerial roles of Nepalese youths in NTY 2011 is phenomenal.

Proper research for the development of tourism in Nepal is an essential aspect of NTY 2011. Nepalese youths with their unconventional thoughts and innovative plans can contribute significantly in the field of tourism research and development and have been doing so this far.  Many researches have been conducted on the development of tourism products and the expansion of tourism market. One of the major goals of NTY 2011 is to explore the prospects of alternative tourism in Nepal and strengthen the role of community in tourism development and management for the development of alternative tourism like domestic tourism, village tourism and endemic tourism. Similarly, exploration of new destinations and trekking routes are the other major goals of NTY 2011. And Nepalese youths have been working to meet these goals with their joint efforts through their tourism enterprises like Travel Agencies, Trekking Agencies etc. The development of sports and adventure tourism activities like bungee jumping, rafting, mountaineering, paragliding which are the major tourism attractions and hallmarks of NTY 2011 have been largely initiated and managed by Nepalese youths. The recently introduced concepts of Eco Tourism and Sustainable Tourism have now become synonymous with NTY 2011. In fact, "Promoting the concept of Eco tourism” is an important marketing objectives of NTY 2011. And the roles and efforts of Nepalese youths in maintaining a sustainable environment in the country are manifold. Be it from the individual level or organizational level, Nepalese youths have been actively involved in environmental protection and conservation, and their impact is getting deeper.

Nepalese youths represent the new generation. They are more open and receptive to others culture and tradition. They love and respect their own culture and at the same time, can embrace the culture and traditions of others. No other segment of the community can have greater degree of cultural closeness; feeling of cooperation and fraternity than youths. So Nepalese youths promote NTY 2011 by generating the feeling of cultural receptiveness and by making the tourists feel more welcomed.  Cultural and social exchange together with the promotion of international understanding and relations which are crucial components of NTY 2011 can be better facilitated by the Nepalese youths. At the same time, Nepalese youths play a vital role in the promotion of NTY 2011 by the promotion and preservation of Nepalese art and culture. Many Nepalese artisans, entrepreneurs and activists consisting mainly youths, have been helping in cultural promotion of the country by creating markets of Nepalese handicrafts, organizing international cultural festivals, working with different cultural bodies and agencies nationally and internationally and making strong agendas addressing cultural issues and their restoration.

Nepal is currently going through a transitional phase and with the mal practice of political activities like protest and agitation, the image of Nepal is getting ruined. The increasing political instability and insecurity in the country have posed the greatest threat to NTY 2011. And due to the unstable condition a lot of countries have banned and restricted their citizens from travelling to Nepal. In a situation like this, Nepalese youths have the vital role of creating political stable and peaceful environment by developing and implementing firm mechanisms to deal with this issue. In fact, the young leaders have stressed that Nepal should be identified as a symbol of peace and beauty in order to make NTY 2011 a success.

Thus Nepalese youths play an important role in initiating, coordinating, managing, leading, volunteering, and mobilizing various programs and activities for NTY 2011. More importantly, with their initiative and contribution to NTY 2011 Nepalese youths can address and help minimize the country’s major concerns of poverty and unemployment, resulting in overall development of the country. NTY 2011 is very important and crucial for our country and Nepalese youths’ active and strong role in NTY 2011 can bring a new era of peace and progress in Nepal. Together, we can build ourselves for our future!

Submitted By:  Sujeena Shakya


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