Celebrating the essence of being Young!-Youth sports Mela 2010

Celebrating the essence of being Young!-Youth sports Mela 2010

A year of planning, six months of coordination and a zillion minutes of visualization finally helped the SSMK team to organize the 'Youth Sports Mela' in seven districts of Nepal (Morang, Bhaktapur, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Rupendehi, Kailali and Kaski). The event which aimed to bring together young people from different arena also included dedicated stalls catering up-to-date information regarding emerging issues such as HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, Sanitation, Mine Risk Education and disability. 

The herculean task of planning the event encountered one major challenge of creatively incorporating identified issues and disseminating it through proper channel. Therefore, sports was identified as a perfect medium to disseminate information related to the identified emerging issues. Special games were designed to portray the importance of identified issues for example: Games such as ‘Snake & Ladder’ represented Sanitation, while 'Wheelchair Race’ helped channelize the issues and problems being faced by Differently Abled Young People (DAYP), quiz games to impart knowledge on HIV/AIDS, ‘Piñata’ to inform the urgency of Mine Risk Education and many other games were successful in garnering the fullest support and participation for the young participants as well as from the media fraternity.

In addition, media personalities and celebrities showed their support towards the event. Miss Nepal 2002 and media celebrity Malvika Subba attended the Mela held in Kathmandu. She enthusiastically participated in the ‘Wheelchair Race’ and shared her first time experience. "It is really difficult, it needs good practice, and if one don't know proper technique it is very hard to move on with wheel chair. I salute you the way you have been living and we will always be there for your support." A celebrated voice of Radio Kantipur personality Prajwal Khadka was euphoric to be a part of the wheelchair race though he lost the race against Man Bahadur Ghale (wheelchair user). Mr. Khadka stated his happiness in his own words "More than anything else, it was challenging. Really when I was using wheel chair, I felt I was incompetent. Instead of showing sympathy, we should empathize them. Everybody is not perfect. They have own skill and capability that should be encouraged."

Words are simply not enough to depict the excitement felt in the Youth Sports Mela throughout the seven districts of Nepal, so please enjoy the photo feature below. At last, the SSMK team would like to congratulate all the youth of Nepal as It is due to compassion and generosity that the young people displayed for the country and the issues that surfaced in the contemporary society that made the Youth Mela a huge success.  

Words: Ayush/Tsering


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