The Real Heroes


My trip to Pokhara can never be complete without visiting Amar Singh school for visually impaired. You enter the gates and say 'Hello' all the children present will call your name in excitement "Ayush Dai!". They have a perfect memory record, and I wonder if they'll recognize me even if I sneeze - That's love, you get familiar with every move. They'll hold my hand ask me about my family, the radio show, my team and they'll fill me up with their life - what's new and what's not ? But this time my visit got a bit emotional, as they had invited me to be with them in their farewell program. Class 10 SLC appearing students were being given farewell by their juniors, but an aura of uncertainty haunted the room. The students appearing for SLC were sad that they had to leave the Amar Singh visually impaired Hostel, which had been a home for them for the past many years, and many questions like -'What next ?', 'Where will they be ?', 'Can they survive outside the perimeters of the school?' was visible in their faces. Gautam, the president of Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Blind listener group, who is also appearing for his SLC mentioned these very concerns and also asked the management for guidance. But what really impressed me was their sheer determination that wherever they will be, whatever situation they might have to face they'll never give up ! as according to them being visually impaired was not the end of the world. I derive inspiration from these youths, and for me every person in Amar Singh Blind school are my heroes- simply because they believe in a journey many had predicted impossible, but impossible is a word these young people do not believe in !

- Ayush Joshi

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