Silent Sorrow - The Unheard Voices


Saathi Sanga Manka Kura (SSMK), the most popular youth radio program in Nepal, in partnership with the slum girls’ theatre group Nawa Tara Kishori Samuha (NTKS) in coordination with non-slum theatre group "Hatemalo Sanchar", in "Ending Slum Youth Stigma and Discrimination for Sustainable Development" through series of street dramas carried in slum and non-slum areas of Manohara, Sinamangal and Balkhu.

53 Silent Sorrow - The Unheard VoicesThe drama creates opportunities for youth from the slum to have put forward their voice, to increase self-understanding, and self-efficacy.  Particularly for girls to enhance knowledge and ability while practicing cleanliness and proper hygiene through the information of drama. The drama focused more on proper health practice, and stigma and discrimination faced by youths living in slum areas of Kathmandu with the wrong perception of their being unhygienic and involvement in criminal activity by their peers.

The Documentary film was screened in Russian Science & Culture Center with participation of students from more than thirty-five renowned educational institutes of Kathmandu covering private, government, law and engineering spheres. The screening of documentary film followed a small interaction, which saw splendid views and comment that came from the students to the program unit the communication later went to the introduction of members of the theatre group and slum theatre group which furnished the main theme for the making of the documentary. The views presented from the student of various colleges helped to fill the gap between the life or slum and the non slum areas. (Videos Coming Soon)

Feature films and documentaries are sometimes useful for as research sources. These films are used they are also used quite frequently as supplemental learning tools in the classroom. 

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