The SSMK Diary; Baglung


Baglung, a small town with few hundred homes, less population and not so happening thing is what strikes in you when you hear the name. You are right except for the fact that few very wonderful things do happen here. Baglung may not be rich in resources but this place could be considered as an  ideal place for trail biking. These wonderful activities are nurtured by in the hands of youths and mentored by group of grown up and in depth experienced men like Arjun dai (called with respect as an elder brother), a local with abroad education experience and back to Baglung in the name of development with dedication.

Baglung was our prime spot to demonstrate more of National Sanitation event which we duly conducted in Future Brighter Higher Secondary School. The class room was quite full where we had to conduct the sessions and one can imagine the adrenalin of the students when they produced a well staged drama, a heated debate on water, soap and germs and well composed song all focused on one theme “HAND WASH” and as for rest, they peacefully participated in drawing and paintings session organized. The debate from the groups “SOAP & WATER” and “GERMS” got startled with big bang roar from Germs to threaten the Soap & Water but with exchange of every comment, the “GERMS” team bowed to mighty “SOAP & WATER” team for keeping everyone healthy. Subsequently, it was the HAND WASH song, a well composed by the three girls of the class and every rhythm of stanzas produced a fundamental message benefiting from steps of hand washing. Watch the Video here. This  event’s was later advocated in schools to educate and inform young students the importance of hand washing for healthy life.

A drama was then penned and found its way to ignite with the message “If only people could adapt with the steps of washing hands with soap and water, more lives could be saved”. This was in regards to the recent diarrhea outbreak in Jajarkot. The drama was framed on the theme of several health hazards  knocking on the doors that any member of family walks in or out. The germs almost swallowed the village until health workers came to rescue. You can watch this drama here

Siddhartha Sikshya Sadan is not just another school in town but inbuilt features have made this school shot to fame in nick of time. For more on the reasons, please listen to the school principal on what he has to say, here

Our Next Stop was Radio Dhaulagiri, another charm of Baglung. With wide spread reach capacity, the station manager allowed the team to go on air in one of their most happening radio show. The team interacted with callers who shared their views on menstruation with their stories and acknowledged the social tradition that a woman has to go through during her menstrual cycle. The team then had a wise talk with fellow listeners for the need of sanitation equipments, usage of soap and water to reduce the diseases that can occur during the menstrual cycle and practice safer menstrual hygiene.

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