The SSMK Village


38 SSMK VIllageA true beauty is defined best when you feel it rather then what your eyes allow you to judge, for eyes they relate what you see but the rhythm produced can be tuned for eternity. Ducked in the interior parts of Sunsari is a super small village called Singiya. A small village away from the urban sphere but one can feel the essence with the very first step inside.

Team SSMK surprised this little village with a visit for upcoming Anniversary specials as this was indeed a special village for us. Singiya has been famed for its dedication and commitment towards the radio program.

A small club has been formed along with handful of teenagers and a mentor to guide them. This mentor has been the inspiration for these teenagers and youths to work together for the welfare of the society.

It’s surprising and perhaps quite pleasant to hear this mentor has been listening to SSMK from early days and now he feels proud to wave his magic wands and distribute the knowledge stored in. He further adds the situation they had earlier and how SSMK was the only source only rescue then. When asked about their prime source of finance for every activity they conduct, the reply came with big smile as to the possession of few most essential requites of the society parked at their club.

The financial support received from these leased commodities inside society helps them with them solve the required.  Their commitment towards society has no limits. The active members of this club mainly youths goes on night parade to secure and protect the village from every disaster they could confront. They have managed to protect their local community forest from local poachers, wood smugglers and few more intruders.

They managed to save few deer’s from the local poachers and now sheltered in their own custody. The loyalty of this club seems to raise everyday and happily accept the new challenges they face towards their home, village and their own small club.

Team SSMK conducted a small debate with the active listeners on why and why not to listen to regular episodes of SSMK. In a matter of time the floor aroused to extensive heat as both the team put up a fierce battler poured with genuine worth factors for their side. Their dedication towards the radio program could be mapped distinctly with the efforts the put together. The organized debate was followed drama on the theme of “Shabasad lai Chitthi” (Letter to my Lawmaker) to draft the constitution in the most early date.


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