The tale of Seven brave hearts: Seven Summit Women's team !

Gone are the days when the word 'Brave Gurkha' was a patent to describe just men, but
Shailee and her team of six mountain climbers have started their own quest to show the
world that women are not 'weak' and they too are 'BRAVE' !

The team of seven brave women mountaineers have already conquered the 4 mountains
of the world, which also includes the crown of the mountaineering world: Mount

So, what motivated Shailee and her team to abandon their career to chase their dream
of conquering the mountains of the world ? The secret behind keeping the team of seven
intact for so many years ? Do they have any regrets ? Team work and unity – the mantra
for success !

Shailee reveals it all to the SSMK hosts J Do listen to the adventurous tale of the 'Seven
brave hearts' – Nepal's very own successful women mountaineering team .

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