Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 873_​Access to health services

Issue: ​873
Episode: ​Access to health services

​Marking April fool's day, one of the SSMK hosts Manoj tries to prank the other host Sabita faking that he loves her deeply. In return Sabita is truly flattered and begins to envision relationship with him. Later she knows she is being fooled and is disheartened. This dramatic show ends with a beautiful yet powerful conclusion; let's not play with emotions and feelings with the motive of having fun and momentary laughter. This might even last for life time.

This week a story of Ghane & Birkhe;
members of Dandakharka Youth Club is featured. ​Birkhe's
sister Asha is feels ill and they rush to the health-post. To their surprise, they find out that officials are not in health post and so rush to the medical shop in another town. Agitated with the health service in their village, they decide to solve this problem talking with officials. Will they be able to solve this pertinent issue? Find out listening to this week's program.

Youth from Dolakha and Kailali share their opinions if they are acquainted with free health services available in their locality.

A poem recited by Sita Timilsina, an ardent listener of SSMK is aired in this week's program. The poem is entitled "Women Violence"

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week; ​​
What freely available health services have you utilized in your locality?

Thank you ​so much for going through!

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