Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 874_Cyber Crime

Issue: ​874
Episode: ​Cyber Crime

This week's SSMK program highlights the ongoing trends of cyber crime stressing on the use of social media.

In this week's story, an adolescent boy named Nitesh is mentally disturbed when he gets his relationship proposal rejected from Deepika. He then decides to take revenge with her, creates a fake account and pretends to be her old friend from school days. Pretty soon, he begins to intimidate misusing her photos. Her brother finds about this and she is scolded as well. Left with no option, she thinks of committing suicide. What happens next? Make sure you listen to this week's program and find out more. :)

In an interview with SSP Dibes Lohani, he shares the recent trends of adolescents and youth in using social media. Also Baburam Aryal, a lawyer shares the laws and regulations for the culprits.

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week; ​​How do you use internet?

Thank you ​so much everyone!

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