Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 875_Early Marriage

Issue: Early Marriage

Episode: ​875
This week's episode begins with SSMK hosts talking about the analysis of previous episode on 'Menstruation' including feedback and suggestions sent by listeners.

And this weeks' episode highlights on 'Disadvantages of Early Marriage'. In the story, an adolescent girl named Jyoti gets married in her early age and she is forced to have a baby by discontinuing her study despite of her eagerness to continue her study. But will she be able to continue her study or, she will end up having a baby in her early age? To know what she decides, please tune into the program.

We have also included a brief school orientation report on 'Women and Girls Empowerment' specially focusing on decision making of her career.

Vox Pop: What are the consequences of early marriage?

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week: In your opinion, what are the consequences of early marriage?

Thank you!​

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