Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 876_Women Empowerment (GESI)

Issue: ​876
Episode: ​Women Empowerment (GESI)

The hosts begin program informing the listeners about the women empowerment related program to be held in Chautara, Sindhupalchok on 27th April, 2018.

Also, the hosts read out the responses of listeners from the episode related to health services in local level.

Ghane, the lead character of this week's SSMK drama feels offended when members from other Youth clubs advocate about the active participation of adolescent girls. Furthermore everyone else talk about how they can use social media tools to help empower adolescent girls and also held healthy discussions in those platforms. After talking with Birkhe, another youth club member, he then realizes the importance and he was wrong. He along with Birkhe then meet the former SSMK host Kaustuv and discuss how they can effectively use social media tools to ensure active participation of adolescent girls in planning process.

Voices Of Youth (VOY) question of the week; ​​How can we ensure the participation of women in local level planning process?

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