Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 880 Virtual_Relationship

Issue: Virtual Love

Episode: 880

Tackling the budding issue of Virtual Love, this week's episode focuses on how people cheat through social media. The SSMK hosts, Meera feels annoying with friend request she gets from unknown person with weird names in face-book. Later, the host Sabita, recommends Meera to delete that request and also suggests listeners not to accept friend request without knowing them.

As this week's episode is about Virtual Love, drama is also based upon problem facing by many adolescents. Drama character, Sandesh sends friend request to Nisha and make-believe her saying that he loves her. Nisha too trusts him blindly just because he is good-looking and speaks lovable. Afterward, she knows the true color of Sandesh through her friend Mamata. To find out what will she do now, you have to tune into this week's episode.

This episode also includes 'Vox-Pop' collected from Rasuwa and Nuwakot districts, a success story of Radio Jockey, Geeta Neupane from Rasuwa and 'Saathilai Sathiko Sallaha' segments.

Voices of Youth (VOY) question of the week is: What should we care about before staying in relationship with a person?

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