Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 881_Agriculture&Entrepreneurship

Issue: Agriculture and Entrepreneurship

Episode: 881

This week's episode is centered on agriculture and entrepreneurship. To start off the episode, host Meera acts out a quip sent by one of the listeners.

In the drama, Namey is frustrated about his poor economic condition. Hence, he heads to his 'Gaupalika' for making passport. And on the way, he meets Ghane and Birkhe who are worried about the reducing number of youths in their village. Then they think of convincing Namey to change his mind and start a business in own village. To find out whether Ghane and Birkhe will be able to convince Namey or not, you have tune into this week's episode.

The drama is followed by an interview about Agriculture Grant with Senior Officer Mr. Hikmat Kumar Shrestha from District Agriculture Development Office, Sindhupalchok.

Also, a letter regarding love problems sent by a listener is dealt with in the program.

This weeks' Voices of Youth (VOY) is: What kind of Agricultural grants are provided in your locality?

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