Saathi Sanga Manka Kura Episode 882_Climate Change and DRR

Issue: Climate change and DRR

Episode: 882

Introducing the issue of Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), the SSMK hosts Sabita and Meera discusses how our behaviors are destructing environment. Major focus of this episode is to make people aware about environment conservation and to reduce detrimental activities which directly or indirectly affect the environment.

As Sabita enters into the studio with sad face and dust on her clothes, chat begins between Sabita and Meera. They trace out some unhealthy behaviors done by the human, which causes harm in the environment. However, they also share some exemplary works done in individual, local, national and international levels.

Regarding the issues, drama of this week's tries to make children understand that the plant is not to be cut off. Drama character Pawan, has negative thoughts towards tree. He always pulls out small plants and also breaks down branches of tree. But one night in his dream, small plant chases him and he wakes up out fear. His mother tries to explain him about importance of plantation, importance of tree for human beings and ecological system. Later, Pawan feels guilty with his faults and eager to plant tree.

With the perspective of child psychology, drama link-up climate change and ways of reducing risks of disasters.

This episode contains interview with Sunita Kayastha of UNICEF, about impacts of climate changes, ways of keeping environment clean and healthy.

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